Like everyone else at this time, we are very conscious of the fact that public bodies, and ourselves, are currently focusing on minimising health risks and planning for the maintenance of essential services. We understand that resource implications, including redeployment of staff in some areas e.g. to help with tracing may affect the ability of FOI bodies to continue to deliver services within the normal timelines. We would ask requesters and applicants for review to bear this in mind please.

The Information Commissioner fully respects your right to privacy. For information about what we do with personal data see our Data Privacy Notice.

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You can apply to the OIC if you are

  1. a person who has already made an FOI request, including requests for amendment of records (S.9) and requests for statements of reasons (S.10), and want to appeal the FOI decision.
  2. a third party objecting to the release of records.

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In certain circumstances, you may apply directly to this office, for a review of the original decision of the FOI body.

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We will be able to consider your appeal

Please supply all documents associated with your appeal, where applicable:

  • Your original request for information
  • The original decision
  • The request for an internal review
  • The decision on the internal review
  • A fee to process your application