Judgement was given by the High Court on an appeal on a point of law made by the applicant, Mr Wieste Buwalda of Salve Marine Ltd, Crosshaven, Co Cork against the Commissioner's decision in Case No. 99365. The Commissioner's decision was conveyed to the applicant by way of letter which has not been published. The sole matter challenged by the applicant in the High Court proceedings was the Commissioner's interpretation and application of section 6(5)(a) of the FOI Act. The Commissioner's interpretation and application of this subsection is explained in Case Number 98117 Mr ABE and the Department of Marine and Natural Resources.

A text of the judgement, which was given on an extempore basis, is not available. However, a relevant article detailing the court proceedings is available on the Irish Times website .Note: The text of the newspaper article has not been approved by the Courts Service.