With effect from Tuesday 3 June 2014, the Office (the OIC) is introducing a number of changes to its review processes, some of which will affect the manner in which it engages with public bodies during reviews.  All public bodies should, at this stage, have received details of the range of changes being introduced.  Among other changes, the OIC is introducing new response time requirements for the submission by public bodies of information required for the conduct of reviews.  A summary of the various response requirements is set out in the table below. 

Information Required Response Time Expected
Decision Making Records Within three working days
Subject records and accompanying schedule Within two weeks
Submissions Within two weeks

As previously notified, if response times are not adhered to, the Commissioner will invoke his statutory powers under section 37 of the FOI Act to require production of the necessary information.  Details of section 37 notifications issued are published in the Commissioner’s Annual Report each year.  It should be noted that where a public body fails to make a submission on a review, the OIC may make a decision on the basis of the information available to it without further contact with the public body.

For further information, contact:

Edmund McDaid – 01 639 5701

Email: info@oic.gov.ie